As a kid, a library was my only access to books. Ebooks were not a thing, and buying them wasn't an option either. From the school library, to the public library, I learned to love books. 

During the schooling years, a library can offer a way for young kids to learn wha...

I love reading. Even as a little kid, I loved going to the library and bringing home a stack of books to tackle over the holiday weekend. It's one of my favorite memories, and here's why.

Reading has held a special place in my heart for the longest time. The holidays ar...

Fall is here and that means it is time to break out the blankets, warm socks, and that book that you've been waiting to read. The time taken to slow down and ignite the creative side of your mind can be extremely beneficial for your mental health. Don't believe me? Kee...

The publishing industry has kept very strict lines of young adult (YA) and adult books. The self-publishing industry has started to blur those lines by creating a new category called new adult (NA). Is this new category for ages 18-30 just an excuse for steamy romance...

The traditional publishing industry is slow moving and reluctant to change. However, as the YA readers of Harry Potter and Twilight have grown up, they are entering an age gap that has yet to be filled. 

Young adult novels are awesome, even as an adult. They are general...

My current reading list and what I think of the books so far. Some I would definitely recommend, some of them I DNF myself. 

When I dive into the library, I usually pick out a small stack of books to take home. This helps I bring home a book that I can't really get into...

Young adult, YA, novels are all about teens. How do you know if you are too old to read and enjoy them anymore?

Let me get one thing straight. I love young adult (YA) novels. I loved reading them as a pre-teen and teenager. Twilight was one of the first books that made...

Beta readers and what they are all about. They don't have to be scary. 

When writing a novel, one of the key steps is sending your work out to beta readers. You have written the book and tried to clean it up on your own, but they are your own words. Your mind will autom...

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Is New Adult (NA) a Legitimate Category?

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December 3, 2018

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