Have I Outgrown Young Adult (YA) Novels?

May 23, 2018

Young adult, YA, novels are all about teens. How do you know if you are too old to read and enjoy them anymore?



Let me get one thing straight. I love young adult (YA) novels. I loved reading them as a pre-teen and teenager. Twilight was one of the first books that made me fall in love with reading. So, no matter how old I get, I think this age range will always hold a special place in my heart. 


But, alas, I am not 13 anymore. 


The problem with reading YA books now is that the protagonists in the book are so young. They are in middle school, or high school. They are having their first crush and worrying about friends that don't text them back. As a college graduate, full-time worker, and wife, that's just not me anymore. 


When I started realizing that the characters in YA novels are a little young for me, I honestly wondered what I was supposed to do. I love the way that those books are written. I like the stories and the characters. I just want them to be a little older. I want someone in the book to have a full-time job besides the non-existent parent.



Is this too much to ask for? Possibly. It is selfish to think that authors are going to age up their characters just because I have grown up a bit. 


I ventured into the adult novel section, hoping to find other characters I could relate to now. What I found was a slew of books featuring people in their mid forties that are going through a mid-life crisis. I may have just been picking up the wrong books, but I tried a lot of different options. I even read a few of them. They weren't bad, they were just boring. 


So now, as a twenty-something reader, I'm a little stuck. Adults novels are way to old for me and don't have the same thrill that I loved in young adult novels. But, YA novels are a little too young. I find myself right in the middle, right where a genre of my-age-kind-of-books do not exist. 


For the time being, I have settled for reading YA novels that have ambiguous ages or characters that I can pretend are my age. Occasionally, I find a few adult novels that really jive with me. 


Other than that--it does pain me to say this--but I think I have started to grow out of YA.


Thanks for reading!


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